Think Globally, Gear Locally…

13 Jul

Ok, the post title is kinda silly… but in all seriousness I try to hype local sources for products. With that in mind, most of my bike related ‘stuff’ comes from the following local places:

Absolute Bikes – A local bike shop where I can be found from time to time. I also like to go on group rides with the folks that work there.

Flagstaff Bike Revolution – Another local shop… not only are these folks awesome, and down with all the recent bike-touring related trends, but they also have killer… seriously killer coffee & have been opening up early (6am!!!) if you wanna watch Le Tour! (Not to mention that they sell a kick-ass locally made handlebar bucket.)

Bike Bag Shop – The Bike **** Shop, since they have a bazillion websites… but they are right down the street, so I was able to pick up bags and racks locally! How sweet is that???